Introduction to the section mnemonics




«Do not allow to idle body,

The mind should not to be on rest.

Or viscous idleness

Will return you back»...

A. Dolsky

The Greek term «τὰ μνημονικά» (mnemonics, 'art of memory') is used to refer the methods for memorizing large amounts of an information in a short time span. It's an art and not a talent. It's not an innate ability of your brain, you should develop this skills.

At the sight of facts that some people are able to compete with modern computers in the mathematical calculations you cease to perceive their abilities as something attainable by rank-and-filer. But it's given for everyone! And you are not excepted... just your own prejudices stand on the way.

Sometimes quite a bit is required to improve self-esteem by replacing «never mind» to «worth doing». After all, there is nothing wrong to try something, isn't it? So, why not? Take a look into your past… How often have you dreamed about anything and thrown it from your head after a time? Why is it became the sky-high and unattainable? You'll unlikely be able to find a reasonable answer. Financial problems... lack of time... amazing how many excuses we can propose to our laziness, and a few for our talent. The most common excuse is: «I'm not able to attain this». What nonsense!

It’s possible to bring hundreds of thousands different examples… A very "witted" people had become the prominent people of their century for one reason only: they chosen self-development. As an example, Dominic O'Brien — six-time world champion in memorization. In his youth he had suffered from dyslexia and could not fix in a memory anything. His desire and perseverance had turned the brain into a super-storage.

You may ask, why do you need a phenomenal memory when you're not going to remember 1820 numbers per hour? Phenomenal memory - it is much bigger than a tool. It not only possibility of replacing the largest number of gadgets in our life. It's a lifestyle! And it's a way to saturate your life by a really important matters. Our brain operates associatively, so do not worry, that you turn into a dust collector. Good memory has never been a problem. And in this case we have to talk about "the amount rolling into a quality".

It's very important to understand that it's not sufficient only to read and understand memory's importance. As it is impossible to learn dancing by reading a book about dancing or watching the relevant transfer, so it is impossible to teach your brain work better without practice. Skills are formed, fixed and refined over time. Time is needed for abilities establishment and for their consolidation to the same extent. And only the constant stimulation could bring results…

This site was created to show how sophisticated mnemonic techniques can be easy to learn if they're presented in the «entertainment wrapper». Playing and competing with others, you'll develop mnemonic skills unconsciously. Each of the mnemonic principles and techniques are divided into several components: informative (to give you a main idea) and applied (mini-game). Each of them has its own ratings. Compete with the World! And perhaps you'll be recognized as a genius of your time… Creativity is impossible without good mind as much as flying without wings.